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We are specialized in professional services as we aim for maximum customer/client satisfaction

Splash x is an Indian hygiene car cleaning and sterilization company that is app-based, that provides new car experience every day through car cleaning at your doorstep by trained manpower. Our core values assure you Rust-free cleaning through Zero water cleaning and Scratch free exterior through Micro Fiber Cloth, one for each car. We maintain hygiene and sterilize the car by using WHO-recommended Products for environmental cleaning and disinfection.

  • Our vision is to provide hassle-free clean and Hygiene services while you sit at the comfort of your home. We are flexible in nature and our app-based services are so Customer-friendly that they let you play with! Quality and Reliability resemble our team as we rigorously strive to ease lives with our Services. We are always ready to Entertain your car needs.
  • Our team of experts from different professions believes clean and hygiene car helps you and your family stay healthy.
  • We save water by using no water technology which ensures rust-free cleaning.
  • We sterilize your car interior and exterior by using WHO-recommended chemical compositions.
  • We use a microfiber cloth to ensure scratch-free cleaning.
  • We encourage web and app-based bookings to minimize physical contact.
Call for book: +91-9515-01-9515
  • Water Less Cleaning
    We use no water technology to ensure rust free cleaning
  • Safety Materials
    We use a high-quality microfiber cloth, special glass cleaners to ensure scratch-free cleaning
  • Caring Service
    We care your health by providing car interior sterilization and exterior touch surface sanitization
  • Modern Equipment
    We use High pressure Vaccum cleaner for dust free interior and also special equipment for AC vent cleaning
What we do

Premium Cleaning Services

All our services are affordable and are half priced for frontline health care workers and Defense personnel


Professional disinfecting of your house and office.

  • House
  • Office
  • Others
Exterior Cleaning

Our trained staff uses high-quality microfiber cloth to ensure scratch-free cleaning.

  • Glass cleaning
  • Tires and Rim
  • Window wiping
Car Detailing

We save water by using No-Water-Technology which ensures rust-free cleaning.

  • Seat cleaning & Leather polish
  • Teflon coating
  • Paint protection & Scratch removal
Interior Cleaning

Our trained staff uses high-quality microfiber cloth to ensure scratch-free cleaning.

  • Foot mat, Interior doors & glass
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Premium car fresheners
Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems within a car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components

  • Maintain water vapor
  • Tire pressure
  • Puncture & replacement
dry cleaning

Dry cleaning any dirt inside the car

dry cleaning

Stain removal and upholstery restoration

dry cleaning

Deep interior cleaning after flooding

dry cleaning

Trunk and pile rug car cleaning service

  • Eco Friendly Cleaners
  • Heightened care
  • Aromatization

What our customers say

After completing the film shooting my car literally covered with mud, when I book my service with Splash X. they delivered me a completely clean,.

-Chaitanya Krishna, Associate Director -Tollywood.

Good service. Customer service and interaction are good and explained the process of what they have done.

-Shiva Sai, COO, MAD works.

Booking was easy. The team was on time and the service provided was very professional and my car turned out clean. Thanks, Splash X team.


Excellent service. My car looks great. Thank you


It's cool and amazing work by splash x as they save us time and keep us healthy especially during these corona times. And Coming to the services.

-Dr. Pratyusha
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